MyEzPay offers an Electronic billing feature which allows you to email an invoice to a Customer so they can pay online. 

It's Simple!  You can take a current invoice in QuickBooks or generate one in MyEzPay, select some Payment and Messaging Options, and Send.  It's that Easy.


Your Customer will receive an email on your behalf with a secure link to pay. They'll have the option to pay with a Credit Card or ACH/eCheck, and receive a receipt for the transaction once complete.   


MyEzPay can also track the activity of the Invoice after it's been sent.  You can see if the Customer opened the Invoice to View or Print, and you can track when they've Paid.  You can have the option to resend the invoice with one click of the mouse. 


MyEzPay tracks these incoming receivables after the customer has paid, and then helps to match these payments back to your open invoices in QuickBooks.


Let MyEzPay help save you time and money with this valuable feature.  


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