To change a Confirmation Email Address

1. Log in to your Authorize.Net Account 

2. From the Dashboard/Home Screen > Click on 'Account' on the Top Right Corner

3. Click on 'User Administration' under Settings

4. Click on the User you want to Edit

5. Click on 'Edit Profile Information'

6. Check on 'Transaction Receipt' under Transaction Emails

7. Please remember to Select your other email options applicable to your account.


To Add a User to Receive Emails for Transaction

1. Follow Steps 1 thru 3 as above

2. Click on + Add User

3. Select the User Role by Clicking on the Drop Down Menu

4. Check/Uncheck your options under 'User Permissions'

5. Click on 'Next'

6. Add User Information and Select your Options 'Email Notification Settings'

7. Click on 'Submit to Complete