Creating a Customer Payment Profile

  • Log into your Authorize.Net Account
  • Under Products and Services,> Click on the Customer Service Manager
  • Click on + Add Profile
  • Under Customer Profile Information > Input information
    • Customer ID – Numeric Field
    • Email
    • Description – Usually Customer or Business Name
  • Payment Profile Information
    • Billing Information
      • Drop Down Menu – Individual or Business
      • Enter Name and Address Information
    • Payment Information
      • Payment Type – Enter Credit Card or ACH Information - *Please note that Authorize.Net eCheck must be enabled before you can process ACH/eCheck transactions.
  • If needed, enter Shipping Profile Information.
  • Click ‘OK’

Charging the First Month Payment

Please note that if you just completed a new Customer Payment Profile from above, the Customer Profile will be the next screen to appear once finished.  Please jump to Step 3.

  • Under Products and Services,> Click on the Customer Service Manager
  • Click on the Customer Profile ID / Customer you want to take Payment on
  • Payment Profile > Click on ‘Charge’
  • If you are not shipping a product, click on the radial button – This order does not require shipping
  • Click on Continue at bottom of screen
  • Under Order Information
    • Select Transaction Type > Charge (Authorize and Capture)
    • Enter Total Amount (and tax if needed to track)
  • Click Submit

Entering a Memorized Transaction / Monthly Membership

Please note that if you just completed the customers' first charge and have the Transaction Confirmation Sheet still open, click on the Transaction ID and go to Step 3.

  • Home > Transaction Search > Unsettled Transactions
  • Click on the Transaction ID for the Customer you want to start the recurring billing on
  • Click on Create ARB Subscription from Transaction
  • Select your Payment Method > CC or ACH/eCheck
  • Enter Payment Information including $ Amount
  • Enter Order Information if needed: Subscription Name could be the name of Company or Individual
  • Subscription Interval > Drop Down Menu > Ex. Monthly
  • Subscription Duration
    • Start Date > Please note that if you just charged the customer, you’ll have to change this date to match the next payment you want to receive.  i.e  Charged Customer for $350 on 4/15, you now must change the date to 5/15
    • Select End Date > If this is an ongoing Subscription/Recurring Billing > Select No End Date
  • Verify Customers Billing Information
  • Click on Submit