1.  From any screen within MyEzpay, Click on the 'Add Record' Button at the top right hand side of the screen


2. From the Drop Down Menu, select New Invoice


3.  Choose a Customer/Member by using the Member Search Box (type in first few letters of the first or last name), or the Member Select Drop Down Menu (all Customers in your QuickBooks Company File


4. In the Create New Invoice Window, you can Edit the Invoice Date, Due Date, and Terms.  To activate the calendar for the Invoice and Due dates, simply click inside either of the dates boxes to activate.  To change the Terms, click on the Drop Down Menu to the right of the Terms Box.

In this Invoice you can Add Shipping Charges as well.  Click on the 'Add Shipping' to include items such as Shipping Cost, Shipping Method, Shipping Date, and Tracking #


5.  Click on the 'Add Item' Button to Add Additional Line Items to the Invoice.


6. Under each Line Item, Select the following:

        a. Select Item using the Drop Down Menu

        b. Select your Quantity by either manually typing in the amount or using the +/- symbols to adjust

        c. Adjust your Default Price by either manually typing in the amount or using the +/- sysmbols to adjust

Click on the 'Add Item' button to complete.

*Note* If you need to add additional items, please click on the 'Add Line Item' button again. (Repeat from Step 5)


7. You can change your Default Customer Message (these come out of QuickBooks), as well as your Internal Memo by simply typing in the boxes provided below.


8. Once complete, you can now Save the Invoice and Pay.  Other options include: Save and Email, Save and Send eBill, and Save and Download.