1.  From the Dashboard/Home Screen > Select Take Payments > Invoices


2.  Select the Customer you want to take payment from.


3. Click on the 'Pay Now' Button


4.  Choose your Payment Options.  You can either take payment for one invoice or multiple invoices by checking the box to the left of the Invoice

        - If you wish to 'Select All', simply check the box to the left of 'Description'


5. Choose your Payment Options.  You can add a new credit card, ACH/eCheck option, or used a Saved Payment Method*

    *Note - Only previous transactions that have been used before will appear under Saved Payment Methods and Previous Authorizations

For Help on How to Add a New Credit Card - 


* Go to Step 5 to continue


6.  Choose your Authorize.Net Options (Email Transaction Receipt / Change email) 


7. Click on Process Payment to continue.


8. Your Transaction is now Complete.