1.  From the EzPay Home Screen > Click on EzBatch Import


2. Select the Batch Transaction Date you want to import


3. Select the 'Analyze/Import Batch' Button


4. Select the action you want the system to take if transactions are not matched.


5.  You can check the box next to Avanced Search if you find EzPay is not identifying all of your transactions within QuickBooks.  Please note that this process does take longer on larger imports as it does have to process more data.


6.  Click on the ' Start Batch Analysis' Button


7.  Once the Analysis is complete, please address any open items in YELLOW.  These are items that cannot be found in QuickBooks so a Manual Import is nexxesary.  Please click on the Manual Import Link(s) to manually import these transactions


8. Once you click on the Manual Import Link, if a Customer is not found in QuickBooks you will be prompted with the message below. 

* If you want to import the customer as well as transaction information into QuickBooks, click yes.  This will take you to the 'Create New Customer from Transaction' window (See the second Image)

**If you believe this customer already exists in your QuickBooks company file or want to apply to another Customer/Company, click No.  This will then take you directly to the Edit Payment import window.

                                                                                    (Image 1)    

                                                                                                                           (Image 2)

If you would like to Import the Payment method with the Customer  Information, leave the below box checked.  Click 'Create Customer' to continue.


9. Select the QuickBooks Customer and Import Options that fit this transaction.  Click on 'Save Changes' to  continue.


10.  Once all Import Details are in GREEN, you can now start the import.  Click on the 'Satrt Import' button


11.  The Import is now Complete.  Click on OK to close.