While Authorize.Net® may not receive specifics on a particular decline, they do include some details on declines in the transaction responses, if available.

A table of common decline reasons, with the associated Response Reason Code, is listed below:


2 General decline by card issuing bank or by Merchant Service Provider
3 Referral to card issuing bank for verbal approval
4 Card reported lost or stolen; pick up card if physically available
27 Address Verification Service (AVS) mismatch; declined by account settings
44 Card Code decline by payment processor
45 AVS and Card Code mismatch; declined by account settings
65 Card Code mismatch; declined by account settings
250 Fraud Detection Suite (FDS) blocked IP address
251 FDS filter triggered--filter set to decline
254 FDS held for review; transaction declined after manual review
For more details, please visit http://developer.authorize.net/tools/responsereasoncode to look up a specific Response Reason Code