The Authorize.Net Address Verification Service or AVS is designed to help merchants detect fraudulent cards by validating the address entered for your customer matches the billing address information on file for that particular cardholder.  This system can be changed to fit your needs depending on what type of address validation your organization needs for PCI compliance.  

These settings can be changed by logging into your Authorize.Net Gateway Account and selecting the Settings link from the left-hand side of the Home page under Account > Settings > Security Settings > Address Verification Service.

Under the General AVS Responses / Address and Zip Code Responses, select the appropriate responses that apply to the set up you want to have in place.

Be sure to click on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen to keep your preferences.


Once you are on the settings page, click the Address Verification Service link.


From the window that follows, you can adjust all of the various settings of the AVS system.  If your organizations security policy does not dictate the need for address verification then you can clear all of the check boxes displayed below.

Authorize.Net offers more information on their website available here: